What to See

Anguillara is located in the territory of roman Tuscia, that is sourranded by natural, archeological and hystorical sites...

When you visit this country for the first time you can see a place that is literally "laid" on the lake di Bracciano. In an area of few kilometers from Anguillara you can find many interesting places who can tell you a lot about history and natural beauty: the villaggio neolitico(neolitic village) inside the lake, the necropoli etrusca di Cerveteri(etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri), the castles of Bracciano and Santa Severa, and many others medieval areas and countries.

In the surroundings you can also find ancient ruins dated in the era of Rome, and misterious abandoned villages (Galeria and Monterano). This means ad unexpected journey through the beautiful nature, where you can spent your time by walking or horse riding or cycling with mountain bike.

There are many path signed inside the Natual Park, that includes the lake of Martignano, a small and uncontaminated lake reachable by walk.

Nearby Manziana, a country not far from Anguillara, there is a natural site that is interesting to visit: it is called "Caldara". There you will find some puddles of cold water that looks like they are boiling. This happens because all the Sabatino area and the Tuscia area derive from volcanic origins. The landscape of this area is quite similar to che moon surface.

Both fo the lakes (Bracciano and Martignano) offers also the possibility of practicing sports such as windsurf, sailing, canoeing. During spring and summer you can also enjoy many of the beaches surrounding the lakes.

For those of you who loves airplanes, you can visit the Hystorical Museum of Military Aviation, that preserve many old airplanes dated back to the first and the second warld war. 

And more... there are festivals and local events that can show you our traditions and that let you taste some of the best local products like the "broccoletto"(a kind of broccoli) or spcial lake fishes.

Da vedere ad Anguillara

Everybody Loves Raymond Italy locations

Anguillara was the set of two episodes of the american series Everybody loves Raymond

Torrione Gardens

A green space in the heart of old town

Towns on the lake: Anguillara, Trevignano, Bracciano

A wonderful video maked by VisitLazio.com, that shows the three lake towns through an unusual point of view.

Nei dintorni di Anguillara

Odescalchi Castle of Bracciano

A fairy castle with a wonderful view of the Lake of Bracciano