Torrione Gardens

A green space in the heart of old town

Torrione Gardens are located on the top area of the old town of Anguillara, and are one of the best place from where you can enjoy a beautiful sight of the lake of Bracciano and all the hills surrounding the lake.

When you arrive at the entrance of the garden just cross a wrought iron gate, walk for few meters along the main building, and the lake sight will open to your eyes slowly. It's recommended to sit down and relax on the park benchs. Also at night, when you will see all the lights reflecting on the lake, the environment will be magic.

Torrione Gardens (so called "Mastio") is dated back to the half of the 15th century, is one of the side of the main defensive building, and is divided into four levels. The first one was dedicated to the soldiers, to defense the building; the second level, just above the first, was set up as a jail until the age of the Grillo, and it still contains scratches on the wall made by the prisonsers that can be dated back to the 18th century. Other both two levels was set for dwelling.

The aspect of this building was once a set of walls, terracing and crossings, and the main pourpose of the building was to defence the area. On the beginning of the 19th century, under the influence of the Grillo, the top of the gardens were filled with a large amount of ground, making the gardens look like as they are actually.

Torrione Gardens
Anguillara Sabazia
100m (dal B&B)