Everybody Loves Raymond Italy locations

Anguillara was the set of two episodes of the american series Everybody loves Raymond

Everybody loves Raymond is an american television sitcom dated on 1996, who's main character is Ray Barone interpreted by the leading actor Ray Romano. The mai locations of the series was Long Island, ma for the first two episodes of the season five the set took place in Italy, and especially the outer scenes was filmed in Anguillara.

Especially you can find the Bar del Molo, that is still a coffee shop in the shore fo the Lake, and even if the lovely Stefania doesen't work there, you can taste special icecreams. The Pizza al taglio, located in Piazza del Comune has turned into the coffee-shop pastry Dolci in Comune, where our guests can have breakfast in the morning. Some scenes has been filmed in giardini del torrione(torrione gardens) and, along the shore of the lake, and in other small streets of the old town.
One of the best scenes of the first episode has been filmed in the terrace of our B&B, from where you can enjoy the same lake view.

If you would like to take a look at those scenes, hearing also some bizarre italian translations, you can click on the following links:

Everybody Loves Raymond Italy locations
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