Rooms & Prices

Our rooms are comfortable and furnished in a particular style: each room has it's own color, and is hand painted with a symbol.

The red room, called the "clock room", has a double bed and is suitable for up to two guests.

The blue room, called the "column room" has one double bed and two single beds, and is suitable for up to four guests.

The green room, called the "olive plant room" has one double bed, is suitable for up to two guests, and it also has acces to the private terrace, where you can enjoy unfergettable sunsets on the Bracciano Lake.

In all the three rooms you'll find a boiler and hair dryer.

Our Rooms

Olive Tree room - green

The Olive Tree room has a beautiful view of Bracciano Lake. You will never forget sunsets on the lake.

60.00 €
75.00 €
90.00 €

Clock room - red

The Clock room is suitable for up to 2 guests, and has one double bed.

45.00 €
65.00 €

Column room - blue

The Column room is suitable for up to 4 guests, and has two single beds and one double bed.

55.00 €
70.00 €
85.00 €
100.00 €